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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A walk to Remember

Our site, Nursing Gazette has taken a long walk since its launching on October of 2007 and it has come a long way now. I remember the time when it first started, it only got 2-5 visitors, it was a pathetic site looking for attention, promoting itself to Nursing Groups, begging people to at least visit and see. But now, Nursing Gazette is one of the trusted sites of the net, it served Wikipedia as a reference, and is used by people as source of Nursing and Medical related information worldwide.

The site did start from humble beginnings. It was first suggested by Anthony (a.k.a. AL2Fenrir), a BSN Graduate and one of the forerunners of this site. To be reliable, we consistently look for RNs, who could serve as our guide, adviser, and editor-in-chief, someone who could look into our articles and insure that our works are accurate, and due to our earnest sincerity, we were successful in our endeavor.

Now, Nursing Gazette has earned another RN. One of its topic researchers Lovely Stinson is now a Registered Nurse.. she had taken her vow as a Nurse on March 31, 2008. She had helped our site in the past by helping with the research, and now she had finally earned her place among the ranks of professionals.

Lovely S.
Topic Researcher

And also, we would like to introduce a new member.. Jither Jade Magbanua, an RN, a friend of Anthony, and is also among those who had taken their Nursing vow on March 31, 2008. He will be providing our site with NCLEX Nursing Bullets in the future.

Nursing Gazette will continue to provide Nursing-related newsworthy information to everyone who seeks it, most especially among our fellow Nurses...

And to everyone who supports us.. Our heartfelt thanks..

RN, Writer, Researcher, Assistant Site Manager

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