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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Video

Description: This video shows Laparoscopic tubal ligation.
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About Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation

Laparoscopic (LAP-er-uh-SKAH-pik) tubal ligation (lie-GAY-shun) is one of several forms of sterilization. The operation is commonly called "tying the tubes." Inside your abdomen, two fallopian tubes connect each of your ovaries to your uterus. Once a month, an egg travels down one of the tubes and into the uterus, where fertilization---and pregnancy---can occur. The possibility of this can be completely eliminated simply by closing off the tubes---which is what a tubal ligation accomplishes. In the laparoscopic type of tubal ligation, the doctor works with a long metal tube inserted into the abdomen through a tiny incision. This tube, or "laparoscope," has a tiny light and video camera at its tip. With its aid, the doctor ties, cuts, burns, or clips the tubes closed. The operation can be reversed, however, there is no guarantee that the client will be able to get pregnant again afterwards. Tubal ligation has no effect other than sterilization. The client's monthly periods, and sex drive will be unchanged.


There are always risks with surgery. To a client, she has a tendency to bleed more than usual, develop an infection, have trouble breathing, or get blood clots. However, the doctor is prepared to deal with such problems.


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Anthony said...

Thanks, but any chance in English? We can't understand spanish. We would like to see more of your offer.


Ypsi said...

It's Portuguese, not Spanish. Duh.

Anthony said...

Oh.. ok.. but either way, we can't understand what it says.

Anonymous said...

Is there any video on how to reverse tubal ligation? Also after reversal what is the percentage on getting pregnant again. What drugs would you prescribe after the reversal?

Alex said...

Thank you for inquiring.

Currently, we do not have any video of the reverse tubal ligation, otherwise known as Tubal Reversal (reanastomosis). But, we will try to include them in our next major update.

The percentage of getting pregnant again is said to be around 50%, but could go up to 75% depending on how successful the microsurgical operation was.

Hopefully, there will be no drugs, medications, or procedures needed to attain pregnancy, but if there were drugs needed, that should be up to your physician.

Anonymous said...

can any o b physician do a reversal procedure? what is the cost for the procedure?

Alex said...

No, not all. It depends on their field of specialty.

Cost varies depending on institution. Because of that, we are not certain.

tubal reversal said...

Nice vid. Well i would like share my thoughts about tubal ligation reversal:
Tubal reversal or tubal sterilization reversal or tubal ligation reversal is a surgical procedure in which fertility is restored to women after a tubal ligation. In this procedure separated segments of fallopian tube are rejoined, in simple words tubal reversal gives women the chance to become pregnant again naturally. This delicate surgery is best performed by a reproductive surgeon with specialized training and experience in the techniques of tubal ligation reversal.

Dr. Morice is one of the world's best tubal reversal experts. At ATCHAFALAYA(Dr. Morice’s Tubal Reversal center), Advanced tubal reversal surgery is performed with Microsurgical Tubal Reanastomosis (MTR). www.mybabydoc.com

tubal ligation reversal said...

I don't know spanish.

Abigail said...

Pregnancy after tubal ligation is possible although lower probabilities.

Lilita Rayne said...

Nice video, This is very helpful post those couples who want to have more children after getting their tubes tied.