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Friday, November 16, 2007

Second Outbreak of Bird Flu in Suffolk, UK

Another outbreak of bird flu is suspected at a second farm in Suffolk, UK. The birds at Grove farm in Botesdale were scheduled to be culled following the confirmed discovery of the deadly H5N1 virus at nearby Redgrave Park farm on Tuesday.

But when officials from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) arrived at Grove farm to start the culling of 5,500 turkeys, they found some of the birds were already dead. Cause of death is suspected to be bird flu, thus the cull became "slaughter on suspicion".

Grove farm was one of four premises identified by DEFRA as "dangerous contacts", within the restriction zone around Redgrove Park, near Diss in Norfolk, and whose poultry was destined to be culled as a precautionary measure.

The other three farms where culls are taking place are: Hill Meadow in Knettishall, also in Suffolk, and two in Norfolk, Stone House Farm in West Harling, and Bridge Farm in Pulham.

A total of 22,000 free range turkeys are being culled on the four farms, categorized as "dangerous contacts" because of the strong possibility that the virus may have been spread by farm workers who traveled between the farms.

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