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Monday, October 22, 2007

Caesarian Section Video

Researched and Presented by Anthony
Description: Delivery of a baby through C-Section.
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While the very sight of an exposed womb may make you puke, note that a Caesarean Section may actually save a life.

This procedure maybe advised and performed when:

· the placenta lies too low in the uterus - covering the exit to the cervix (birth canal). This is called placenta previa.
· baby's health is threatened due to lack of oxygen.
· there is vaginal bleeding and a natural delivery is not imminent.
· the baby cannot be delivered easily because the umbilical cord has fallen forwards (cord prolapse).
· the mother will be unable to deliver the baby herself.

A Caesarean may be considered the safest option even when a natural birth still possible:

· if the baby is lying with its head upwards (breech baby).
· if the mother is affected by high blood pressure or other illness.
· if the unborn baby is too small or too weak to survive a natural birth.
· if the mother has had a Caesarean birth before (although it is possible for a mother who's had a Caesarean to have a natural delivery in a later pregnancy).
· in very rare cases, when the mother is so worried about the delivery that a Caesarean is considered.

However, if there is no medical reason, this should be discuss with a midwife or obstetrician. There is no automatic right to demand a Caesarean if it's considered not to be in the best interest of the mother.

A note to remember:

Before conducting the operation, be sure to secure a legal consent. Performing the operation without consent is one of the major legal pitfalls, not only of the doctor, but of the entire team involved with the procedure. Remember this, if you don't want to perform an operation inside a cell.

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Anonymous said...

As a studemt midwife about to witness my first caesarean birth, this really helped prepare me for what to expect. Fantastic.