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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fizzy Drink Project Failure

Written by Anthony
Weaning children off fizzy drinks is a tough task as a way of tackling childhood obesity, researchers say.

Just recently, we've come upon a news regarding UK's one year project, involving English children.

The project was said to have successfully helped reduce levels of fat and persuade children not to drink fizzy drinks. But after five years, it's achievements ended in vain as researchers found out that the children who participated in the project were just as overweight as the others.

The project, reported online by the BMJ, was undertaken in six junior schools in Christchurch on the south coast of England and was dubbed "Ditch the Fizz."

There were about 644 children aged between seven and eleven who took part in the project.

Two years following the end of the project, the researchers found that the number of overweight children continued to increase although the children involved in Ditch the Fizz only suffered less obesity compared to the non-participants. Three years later, the results turned out differently.

Researcher Janet James, a health promotion nurse in Bournemouth, UK, writes: "It remains unclear whether specific interventions or those which focus on all aspects of the diet and physical activity are the most successful."

"Perhaps the true impact of any school based intervention can effectively only be evaluated if the interventions are continuous."

Source: http://www.staffnurse.com

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