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Friday, October 12, 2007

Why Nurses work abroad?

Written by Anthony
Have you been wondering why nurses work abroad when they could also work in their own country? Why would people choose to work away from their love ones when they know they would missed them? And why would they work far away only to feel homesick?

We all know that each workplace differs from that of another, and may require some adjustments in order to adapt. These are tough challenges, and yet, nurses would still proceed. But why?

These have been intriguing questions, which had been asked over and over again. What is there in abroad that far outweighs sound judgment?

However, before we attempt to address these questions, let us look at the world today and cast our eyes on each country, most particularly, those that belong to the third world, where the greater percentage of the migrating nurses emerged.

Third world countries refers to underdeveloped countries. These countries often lacked the technology necessary for improvement. They mostly rely on producing primary products for the developed world to provide markets for their finished goods. Such countries are marked by a number of common traits including unstable and highly dependent economies, high population growth, and widespread poverty. Its government is often dominated by rich, corrupt officials who remain wealthy despite the turmoil. Its judicial system is poor, and is manipulated by powerful entities. Labor is its primary employment, and is usually characterized by low salary. Crime rate is high, and competition is fierce.

With that said, let us now turn to the developed or advanced countries. These countries are the complete opposite of the third world nations. They have developed economies in which the tertiary and quaternary sectors of industry dominate. This level of economic development usually translates into a high income per capita and a high Human Development Index (HDI). The said countries also possess a far more advanced technology, and often have a high gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. Lifestyle is often convenient, corruption seldom occurs, crime rate is minimal, and opportunities are vast.

If we compare each country and analyze the situation, one could immediately conclude that one supersedes the other. This factor may govern the reasons necessary to justify a cause, and may prompt one belonging to the less fortunate to pursue for the other despite the risk they may undertake. Still, is it really worth abandoning your family? Your home? Your country?

Now, there are many reasons as to why nurses choose to work abroad. One of the reasons is -to earn more. In a third world country, nurses often have low wages, which they believe does not fit for a profession, which is expensive, and demanding. Sometimes, these wages does not even compensate for the expenses of every day living.

Nurses also go for abroad to better their ways of living. Like most people, nurses may also want a convenient life, which is more stable and secure. A better life they could enjoy, and a life that could satisfy their needs. This is a goal that is difficult or even impossible to achieve if you're working in a third world country.

Another reason is family. As we marry, and start having children, the cost of living increases, and the more you expand your family, the higher the expenses. To suffice the needs of your family, this may ultimately prompt you to find better sources of income.

To elevate one's status may also be one of the motives of nurses. Gaining more income is a crucial step to elevate your status in society as most of the time, your worth is determined by how much money you got. Come on, this is just like Maslow's hierarchy of needs, wherein, you could only truly attain Love and Belongingness when you have secured your safety needs. Ironic but it's a fact.

Economic factors could also be among the basis of a good reason. As we know, developed countries have a far greater economy than those of the underdeveloped, and for this same reason, the currency of a particular advanced country could be higher. With this, a nurse working on a developed country could take advantage of its good economy through foreign exchange. Now, note that the currency of a developed country yields bigger amounts of money in an underdeveloped country due to its high demand.

Other reasons of working abroad may also include social, political, and physical factors. Some have families who lived in abroad, some would want to take their parents, family, or relatives into a foreign land, some would want to settle in a new land, while some would do it for adventure, some still would do it to get away from personal problems. However, the majority have spoken. Why would nurses go abroad? The answer is simple - To survive!

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