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Monday, October 15, 2007

Racial Discrimination among Nurses

Written by Anthony
Racial Discrimination among nurses in hospitals is common in many foreign countries, and while it may be appealing to work abroad due to promises of high salary and better career opportunities, one may wonder if it’s enough to compensate for the moral damages they might incur while working on these well developed countries.

Racial Discrimination comes in two forms. It’s either inflicted verbally or through signs. Verbal insults and defamations pertaining to one’s individuality are among the best examples of verbal racism. Writing an article or a post that degrades another race is also included in this category, on the other hand, bullying a person for no reason other than his lineage belongs to the second form of racial discrimination.

It is most unfortunate that some people tend to look on other people’s skin color and body physique rather than look into their qualities. We are humans of the same species, we are all created equal, and as such, we are all like brothers and sisters. We should be working together for the common good and not separate ourselves over petty differences.

However, for some, this was not the case. They believe that they are superior to the rest of the human race, merely because, they are citizens of a powerful country. This kind of attitude puts other people down, and fails to leave room for respect.

Discrimination, as we know, does not give something good, it only generates hate, and when one hates, they are bound to get irate. The more a person gives in to their outrageous emotions, the more they get colder, to the point that they’ll start spreading animosity towards their fellow colleagues, whom they believe differs from them. However, these are same colleagues that they are supposed to work with. Such racist behavior will eventually break the ties that bind them to the rest of the health team, and because they have diverted their attention towards selfish commitments, the team will more likely get affected, and won't be able to function well. In consequent, the task of delivering proper medical care towards the patient are also rendered ineffective. This is how anger works and operates, and that is why it never brings something pleasant, both to the community and to one’s own profession. This won’t make one any better either.

Superpower countries such as the United States, have been known to gather nurses from third world countries, this is because of the shortage of nurses that grips its Health Delivery Systems. Fortunately, many came to its aid, and it's amusing to know that these nurses are willing to serve patients that are not even one of their own. We know that this is what nursing is all about, as professional nurses, one must overlook diversity.

Then again, certain political factors will always influence human relationships. Now, If only we could remove conflicting interests.

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